Concessionary Model

The model of public/private collaboration in the hospital sector is a shared effort between the public and private sectors. This method is used by the Public Administrations in the construction of new infrastructures, equipment or public funding with financial aid from the private sector.The model allows Public Administrations to:

  • Take on a greater number of projects
  • Defer the high costs of construction for the life of the concession.
  • Execute projects at the moment they are necessary.
  • Improve efficiency in terms of costs and deadlines
  • Calculate the exact cost of the project throughout its life
  • Honour its commitments to the electorate

The University Hospital of Burgos has been constructed and will continue to function following a concessionary model of “public/private collaboration” with reference to the construction, equipping and later operation of the non-welfare services of the new hospital. The assistance given at the construction stage is as follows:

  • Construction of the public works
  • Funding for the equipment necessary for the operation of the welfare services.

The assistance outsourced by the Concessionary Company at this new stage of operations is the following:

  • Operation of the hospital in the hands of SACYL (Welfare Service Castilla y Leon) to guarantee the correct operation of the welfare service.
  • The performance of preservation, maintenance, adaptation, modernisation, replacement and major repairs in all buildings.
  • The maintenance, updating and replacement of equipment.

The activities to be performed by this company are:

  • Power Plant
  • Medical Gas Plant
  • Communications and I.T. Centre
  • Water supply and treatment plant
  • Catering area, café and dining room
  • Textile management centre
  • Sterilization centre
  • Logistics
  • Car Parks
  • Cleaning and sanitization
  • Security
  • Gardening and landscaping
  • Overall maintenance of buildings, installations and equipment.