Institutional Information

New Burgos Hospital S.A. was founded on 16 March 2006

The company was formed with the social object of constructing and operating the public works of the University Hospital of Burgos in the regime of an administrative concession, in accordance with the administrative allocation granted on 20 February 2006 by the regional Health Board of the Health Ministry of the Junta de Castilla y Leon and in accordance with the contract of concession dated 28 April 2006.

During the last quarter of 2011, the commercial name eficanza was created, which from that moment on was used to identify the Concessionary Company.

There are eight shareholders in the company with the following percentages of participation in it:

Shareholder Participation
  Santander Infraestructuras F.C.R.   17,64%
  Obrascón Huarte Lain, S.A.   20,75%
  Concessia, Cartera de Gestión de Infraestructuras, S.A.   22,82%
  Invergestión, Sociedad de Inversiones y Gestión, S.A.   3,11%
  Banco de Caja España de Inversiones, Salamanca y Soria, S.A.U.   3,11%
  Grupo Isolux Corsan, S.A.   5,19%
  Urbanizaciones Burgalesas, S.L.   20,75%
  Grupo Norte Agrupación Empresarial de Servicios, S.L.   6,63%


  • Board of Directors:

Made up of nine directors: four from the financial group, four from the construction group and one from services.

Managing Director: Caja de Ahorros Municipal de Burgos



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OFFICES AND COMPANY ADDRESS: Avenida Islas Baleares s/n, Edificio Administrativo 2ª Planta, Burgos 09006